5 Arm style Pitching Machines!

There are no tunnels here or balls to pick up…and the open batting range allows you to see the flight of the ball. Our batting cages feature arm style pitching machines as used by major league teams.

The following pitching speeds include:

Cage 1 – 35 mph, or slow pitch softball
Cage 2 – 60 mph, or slow pitch softball
Cage 3 – 70 mph
Cage 4 – 45 mph or slow pitch softball
Cage 5 –  55 mph girls fast pitch, or slow pitch softball

Come in and have some fun! Batting tokens can be purchased for as little as $1 each.  For your convenience HELMETS AND BATS ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE AT “NO CHARGE”.  Helmets must be worn while batting at all times.

$ 1.00  receive  1 Token/14 Pitches
$ 5.00  receive 6 Tokens
$10.00 receive 13 Tokens
$20.00 receive 27 Tokens
To help you plan your visit around cages which may be reserved from time to time, simply “Book Now” to register and to view our daily schedule.


Rain or Shine ~ Batting All the Time!

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